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September 29th, 30th & October 1st & 2nd I worked on a DVD for the Japanese market that used a high speed Phantom V video camera & compared Machine Pistols. We shot (literally) at Desert Lake Shooting Club in Boulder City & used expert shooters to compare the models & stocks or no stocks & also used some attractive females to demonstrate the weapons. Part of the demonstrations included a “hosing” technique apparently in use by Chinese & Russian Soldiers using the force of the firing weapon to sweep the hoards of attacking enemy at close range. Machine pistols were developed for close quarters combat & don’t appear to be effective at much over 20 yards. We did however test a MBA GyroJet “Rocket Pistol” at longer range as part of the same DVD. This pistol fires a 13mm self propelled copper bullet & on the second of two tests was accurate enough to pierce a man sized target at the full distance of the shooting bay we were using, 150 feet as I remember. At around $100 per cartridge, if you can find them, we stopped at two tries.

I had a blast working on this DVD & look forward to seeing the completed version soon.

We filmed the Stechkin APS, Mauser C96, CZ Model 75, Beretta 93R; I got to fire several of the pistols including the Glock 18: (Click Triangle to Play Video)

Glock 18 from A Dewey on Vimeo.

Stechkin APS
Stechkin APS
Beretta 93R
Beretta 93R
Mauser C96
Mauser C96
MBA GyroJet
MBA GyroJet
GyroJet Projectile showing exhaust nozzles
GyroJet Projectile showing exhaust nozzles

Jacquelyn Aurora Showing off the Beretta 93R
Jacquelyn Aurora Showing off the Beretta 93R
Allen Shooting G18
Allen Shooting G18
Jacquelyn Aurora with Stechkin APS
Jacquelyn Aurora with Stechkin APS
Allen pointing at Full Auto Selector Switch on G18
Allen pointing at Full Auto Selector Switch on G18

Discover: a film short by Mason Johnson

Check out this UNLV Student Film I helped with on 11/26/08 shot by my friend Mason Johnson as a school project short. Mason asked me to play a character searching for something in the desert… I came up with the props, costuming, character & location.

Discover from Mason Johnson on Vimeo.

Mason Johnson <[email protected]> wrote:


> There it is. Hope you like it. There were a few continuity problems but I suppose I can manage to deal with them since this is only a student project.

> Thanks once again.


It was a rainy day… unusual for Vegas but perfect for the film. I love the way the fog obscured the hills behind. This is at a spring just East of Red Rock Park… lots of Petroglyphs & a year-round spring. We shot in available light in the afternoon in a light mist. My character was inspired by a day a few weeks prior spent shooting for “Modern Marvels” at a Pig Farm in North Las Vegas… surrounded by new houses, this farm has 4,000 plus pigs fed on waste food from local Casino Buffets… & stinks like, well, Pig Shit. The smell lingered for two weeks… my tripod & other gear, clothing, straps of my audio package, the hair inside my nose, the Vibram soles of my boots… Anyway, my character is a mix of the Pig Farmer I met (Notice the Hat) & Billy Bob Thornton’s character in “Sling Blade” Yup, unhuh…

Here is the feedback I gave Mason:

Continuity shmontinuity! Continuity is for Wimps!

I’m surprised at you for thinking that… considering your favourite directors & all…(Danny Boyle, Quentin Tarantino) just as i was seeing the lighter lighting i was looking for the smoking shot… it came only after the long shot of him walking… it works like that.

Critiques: plan out your ideas more. Story Board it… even if only with cards: each shot idea is there… not necessarily in order, but at least you have the shots to work with.

If you choose to break continuity, break the F*#k out of it… not half way.

Same thing with crossing the line… single character makes it easy to cross the line & get away with it… use it as a disorienting device! Gotta do it more than once if ya gonna do it at all.

Another device for breaking up the pacing & continuity issues is to use flash frames… hint at memory or hint at precognition. That’s what I was suggesting to shoot in the studio: flash frames of the character looking at the Objects he finds in the box. No time, I know…

Great effort! You are out there doing it… not just talking about it. That’s how you learn! Do it again… i had fun.

12/3/08 Allen

Other Feedback:


I have dial up so it took me a little time to view the video short!!  It runs for a few seconds and then stops, etc.  Interesting little piece…I was not too sure of all the little things in the “discovery” box.  And, I thought you were going to burn your beard with the cigarette.  The music and the location were nice.

Allen: Yup, it was a goofy project but fun to do. His shots of the items inside the box were pretty tight… kept them from being seen very well. That’s good feedback for him. That was part of the project: to do ECU or Extreme Close Ups… Thanks for looking. I’ll give Mason the feedback.

David L

Thanks for sending this short along. I’m not sure what to think about it. it doesn’t really go anywhere for me, maybe it’s not supposed to but i didn’t learn anything about this guy, (you) and his obscure mission.

i finished with the question; what was that? hope he got an A.

Jim B

good flicka

recognize the chinese vids

and you smokin’…

Jeff M

That was very cool, what are you going to do with the film?

Candace S

Looks good!!


That was pretty cool. The shots were nice and the pacing worked great in my opinion. Your character was original, and the wardrobe was outrageous! But I assume that’s what you were going for. At first glance I didn’t notice any continuity errors, which is good. If the audience doesn’t notice it on the first run then you’ve done your job.

That was cool. I have been wanting to shoot some stuff out in the desert with my HVX, it has the ability to over and under crank so I think that would be cool to play with, especially with the desert sunsets and the lights of Vegas.