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Nature has always played a huge role for me in my art. The name “Photographic Equivalents” is based on the latter works of Alfred Stieglitz (credited with discovering Ansel Adams and with gaining legitimacy for Photography as an Art Form…as well as marrying the Artist Georgia O’Keefe). In refining his Photographic Art to the simplest essence, the ultimate subtlety, he arrived at black and white photos of cloud wisps, which he termed “Equivalents”. Many of my Photographic background effects include clouds. I have always been fascinated with close ups of Nature, especially untouched by mankind, in it’s natural state.

I regularly work in the Film and Television Industry and in Still Photography shooting portraits and copy work for Giclée prints for many prominent artists. My printer (Epson Stylus Pro 7800) allows me 24 inches in width and allows printing on thick media including watercolor paper & canvas with archival inks. In Film I have worked on Feature Films and Movies of the Week and commercials. In Video I have worked on projects for every major Network and for many prominent Corporations.

I recently won an Emmy Award for a Poker Show on which I was a Remote Camera Operator.

My current work in Digital Acquisition and Manipulation is still in its infancy. Digital Imaging is young…artistic expression is ancient. A thousand years ago I would have been pecking at stone walls. Today I have the latest digital cameras, software and printers, but I’m still drawn to expressing my Nature.

I currently have my work displayed and available for purchase at my own gallery in Las Vegas. In 2006 and 2007 I had a Gallery at the “Arts Factory” with Jennifer Main that was a featured stop in the “First Friday” events in the Arts District in Las Vegas. I had a show at the Float Gallery in California January and February 2007. The Closing Party featured a Workshop/Open house with demonstrations of Photographic and Scanning Techniques, Digital Manipulation, and Large-Scale Printing used to create the art featured in the exhibit.

The work in the Float Gallery was in three parts: The first of the series was “Fibonacci Sketch”. A Fibonacci Equation is the mathematical description of the physical arrangement of seeds on a sunflower bloom. This same shape occurs in numerous instances in nature including pinecones, branch placement on many bushes and trees, and the chambered nautilus shell. This Series included a Mannequin covered in “Tattoos”, named Donatella Fibonacci.

The second series was “Dendritic Storm”. These works are digital manipulations of original photos of plants, trees or a tiny cactus photographed in 4 x 5 using an enlarger lens installed backwards to enlarge the image & to limit the depth of field.

The third series was “Chaos Sketch”. These are Original Paintings created Digitally in Photoshop and each image is layered upon the previous while maintaining a relation within the final Image. The main difference in these pieces is the fact that the image is original and is not based on a Photograph.


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